Easy to set up and use, GFI LanGuard® acts as a virtual security consultant to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your business’s network security status through vulnerability assessments, patch management, as well as network and software auditing.

Benefit from GFI LanGuard’s network security scanning features:

  • Fast TCP and UDP port scanning and identification
  • Over 50,000 vulnerability assessments, including OVAL and SANS Top 20
  • Vulnerability assessment of network devices such as printers, switches and routers
  • Automatic detections of new security holes with scheduled port scan results comparisons
  • Automatic detection, download and deployment of missing security and non-security updates for Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Java, Mozilla and other popular software
  • Automatically detect new security holes with scheduled scan results comparisons

Furthermore, GFI LanGuard automatically checks that supported security applications, such as antivirus and anti-spyware software, are updated with the latest definition files and are functioning correctly. It integrates with over 2,500 security applications and can also automatically rectify issues, such as triggering antivirus/antispyware updates.

Other network security features offered by GFI LanGuard include:
  • Asset inventory - Find the devices you were not aware of, including iPads and iPhones
  • Change management – Notifies you when something changes
  • Enables you to create custom vulnerability checks
  • Powerful dashboard and reporting with drill-down filtering
  • Helps you easily analyze and filter scan results

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99%+ spam detection with Bayesian filtering
Filtering and sorting of logging
Easy tuning of the Bayesian engine via public folders
3rd party DNS blacklists (DNSBL) checking
Email header analysis & keyword checking
Support for SPF - the Sender Policy Framework

Deploying software updates

Analyzing scan results

Network security overview